Your DMO on social network

SmartDMO helps you to monitorate in a simple and immediate way your DMO on social networks (presence, interaction and trends). Through a wide range of filters, you can select and classify posts for industry or interest.

Our keywords: interaction, communication and sharing

SmartDMO encourages interactions and knowledge exchanges between stakeholders of the tourism industry in order to build synergies and create an integrated offer.

A real time positioning

SmartDMO allow you to know real time data relating to the social network positioning of your DMO. You can measure your popularity and compare it with the competitors.

What is SmartDMO?

A Tourism Knowledge Community Platform. A digital shared space to allow private and public players working in the tourism field to systematize cooperation, by creating a finally integrated offer. An online tool to share and exchange knowledge. An indirect way to encourage the use of web 2.0 by bodies, institutions and small-to medium-sized enterprises.


  • to start innovative cooperation among tour operators, local residents and Destination Management Organizations (DMO), organizations which design and organize local tourist services;
  • to create a community of professionals capable of talking offline and online with real and potential tourists;
  • to encourage digitalization of services in the tourism industry.

Selected among the winners of the Social Innovation call published in 2012 by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) under the National Operative Programme for Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013, SmartDMO is a project developed by Calabresi Creativi in partnership with Assessorato al Turismo Regione Calabria, Sviluppo Piemonte Turismo, Associazione Le Terre di Savoia, Ente Turismo "Alba Bra Langhe e Roero" and "BTO Educational".

In October 2013, the project was presented during the second edition of Smart City Exhibition, the event on smart cities held in Bologna, while the following month SmartDMO was the only social innovation Italian project for tourism selected for China Italy Innovation Forum and Sino-Italian Exchange Event: two international events on science and technology aimed at showing best cases of Italian innovation in China in order to reinforce synergies between Italian and Chinese research and innovation systems.


Calabresi Creativi was founded in 2012 to increase the territory value by exploiting the potential of Web 2.0.

We believe that innovation is not only technology, but also sharing, collaboration and networking of cultures and resources.

For this reason, we promote synergies, online and offline open spaces and digital literacy.

Looking at Europe, staying in Calabria.